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홍가희(Gahee Hong)



윤강미(Karrie Yoon)









Nguyen Hong Dieu






Hoang Thi Minh Hang



Duong Thi Huong


Nguyen Tuong Vy



Select a class schedule with your teacher

Korean teachers have a certificate of Korean language education for foreigners from the Korean government.

Choosing a teacher

We will assign
a teacher to meet
your level and needs.

Freely book your classes and cancel

You can freely
book and cancel 10 lessons
for 25 minutes per month.

Enjoy one-on-one video lessons

Easy and fun classes with Skype

You can learn Korean with one-on-one with any certified teacher anytime and anywhere.

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Native speakers

Korean lecturer conducts customized lesson 1: 1

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Korean standard textbook (King Sejong Institute)

A textbook published by a Korean education certification agency for foreign learners

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Skype-based lessons

Time and location-independent video classes

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Korean and Korean culture

A lively Korean culture and daily real life to learn from Korean instructors.

Courses & Textbooks

Book nameSejong Korean Language 1~6


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Book nameVSL 1~6(Vietnamese as a second language)


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Comments after class

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Students come to Hangulsam from a wide range of backgrounds, and with any number of reasons for learning the Korean language – many of our students are..

Korean Manager (37) ( Korean

Is it possible to learn a language online? Whether you are going abroad for a few days or several weeks, a true contact with the locals is only possible if you are able to speak a minimum in their language...

Mina (22), Japan

“I’m crazy about Korean dramas! My dream is to watch them in the original language. Sometimes we translate movies and TV shows in class…those are the best lessons for me!”...