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  • Book NameSejong Korean Language 1~6

    Duration of education: 3~4months/course Recommended level: Beginner~Intermediate

    Sejong Korean Language 1: 'Sejong Korean Language 1' is desigend as a beginners' book for adult Korean learners. 'Sejong Korean Language' textbooks consist of four pars - speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Enjoy learning Korean with King Sejong Institutes's Standard Textbook 'Sejong Korean Language' starting today!

    Sejong Korean Language 2 : After studying basic Korean sentences and expressions with 'Sejong Korean Languae 1', students can learn various Korean expressions of honorific mood, directions, hobby, travel, and transportation with 'Sejong Korean Language 2'.

    Sejong Korean Language 3 : What kind of Korean expressions should be used in public places? Students can learn how to make requests, explain things, write a congratulatory message, and make an appointment with 'Sejong Korean Language 3'.

    Sejong Korean Language 4 : If you wish to adequately explain the subject of your interst such as cooking, fashion, and personality in Korean language, study 'Sejong Korean Language 4'. Students can also familiarize themselves with Korea's weddings, pop culture and lifestyles.

    Sejong Korean Language 5 : Knowing when and when not to use the honorific form can be quite difficult to grasp when using the Korean language. Study both the honorific and casual forms of Korean language with 'Sejong Korean Language 5'. Students can learn various Korean expressions that can be used in different situations such as buying a product, getting a refund, making an appointment, and making a request.

    Sejong Korean Language 6: Somtimes, different wxpressions are used for Korean writing and speaking. Students can learn how to use context-appropriate expressions when expressing feelings, writing a letter and asking for repairs by learning Sejong Korean Language 6.

  • Book NameVSL 1~6(Vietnamese as a second language)

    Duration of education: 3~4months/course Recommended level: Beginner~Advanced

    The Vietnamese Language Textbook for Foreigners is Vietnamese Language Textbooks written by the lecturers of the Faculty of Vietnamese Studies, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City. Through realistic dialogues relevant to everyday life and various exercises accompanied by concise, simple, and suitable grammar notes, the book is both interesting and helpful to both the learners and teachers of Vietnamese.